About Us

P2 Consulting was started by a group of award winning consultants who recognised the opportunity to build a global consultancy firm that had clients’ needs at its heart. We understand the challenges clients face – the pace of globalisation, technology change and increasing regulation – and the pressure they are under to respond to these changes rapidly and efficiently.

What We Do

We work on some of the largest transformation programmes in the corporate world and the public sector. Partnering closely with our clients, we help them deliver successful business change. Our reputation as a consultancy is built on excellence in portfolio and programme management, business architecture and design, testing and quality assurance and implementation.


Understanding the challenges that keep our clients awake at night is essential. In this section we demonstrate our expertise at solving your problems. We have deep insight into the business and technology issues facing all sectors.

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Are you looking to join a company where a challenge is welcomed, change is anticipated, and expertise is expected? Then have a look at our job listing and please get in touch.

Case Studies

We’ve worked with clients across a range of sectors and gained excellent results – but don’t just take our word for it. Have a browse through some of the work we’ve done.

P2 Consulting is one of the world’s fastest growing consultancies

We set out quite consciously with a mission to be THE challenger brand in the business transformation space:

  • We only hire the best talent with a proven track record
  • We have reshaped yesterday’s processes to better suit today’s world
  • We operate with a speed and intensity – and at a price point – that would put the Big 4 to shame.

We have been selected as the chosen partner for some of the world’s largest and most demanding transformation challenges and have been recognised by The Sunday Times as Britain’s fastest growing consultancy.

To this day we remain 100% referenceable.

The future of Project Management

The practice of Project Management was initially designed to support large, complex infrastructure and military building activities. Over the past 40 years the digital revolution has fundamentally changed both the goals of project management and the tools to deliver excellent project management, and that revolution has only just begun.

Join Adam Skinner as he looks at the major trends that will totally transform project management and find out what you need to know to keep your change function delivering excellent change faster than the competition. Save your spot here.

What we do

We work hands-on with our clients to drive and execute transformation, helping you to thrive in a world
where customers and shareholders constantly demand more. Examples include:

⦿Digital and technology transformation

⦿Post-merger integration

⦿New product or business launch

⦿Geographical expansion

⦿Customer acquisition

⦿Regulatory change

Our people have the intellectual agility and delivery rigour to ensure your success.

We are P2

Take a look at our brand new video showcasing the strength, skill and dedication of our consultants to deliver for you. Introducing “We are P2 and We Deliver”.

To watch the full-length video and to find out how we can help you with your business transformation ambition please click here.

P2 Scaled Agile

Struggling to deliver a ‘continuous improvement’ environment across your organisation? Introducing P2 Scaled Agile – a new brand from P2 Consulting designed to drive you and your business through the challenges of Scaled Agile and DevOps implementation.

Our Capabilities
Change Management & Adoption
Change is the new normal, so why are you still taking the same old approach? Our consultants apply logic, creativity and experience across a diverse range of industries to make change happen on the ground and accelerate business results.
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Business Architecture and Analysis
At P2 Consulting, we work with you to design an organisation that works just as well in practice as it does on paper. We create a business model which has a lasting positive impact on your organisation and allows you to grow.
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Portfolio & Programme Analytics
At P2 Consulting, we provide flexible, scalable Project Management Office (PMO) and Portfolio Management capability to support your portfolios and help you choose the right programmes and projects to achieve your business goals.
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Programme and Project Delivery
At P2 Consulting, we work in close collaboration with you to create manageable, controlled and transparent delivery programmes that make certain of results and add value.
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Continuous Testing and Assurance
We deliver testing for complex change programmes across a wide range of sectors. That includes global and enterprise-wide test strategies that set out the foundation for the test approach with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
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Our sector expertise
Case Studies
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Strategic Retail Business Transformation

Learn how we sped up the delivery-to-market time of a business transformation programme with efficient processes enabled by leading technologies.

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Digital Centre of Excellence

We devised and delivered a programme for a leading entertainment company, focusing on its customer-facing digital product offerings.

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Major Anti-Money Laundering Regulatory Drive

Harnessing our skills within PMO Mobilisation and Data Management, we were able to assist a leading bank in navigating Anti-Money Laundering legislation, ensuring appropriate checks and controls were in place.

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"Pioneer is a complex programme involving the building of new systems capability and integrating that with our legacy platform. We are also combining a traditional waterfall development approach with agile. P2 Consulting have put in place a highly effective programme management environment which means that the senior team always have full visibility and control. The P2 Consultants have proved themselves to be very reliable and effective throughout and have enabled us to make great progress”
Head of Merchandising Strategy
John Lewis