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P2 Consulting was started by a group of award winning consultants who recognised the opportunity to build a global consultancy firm that had clients’ needs at its heart. We understand the challenges clients face – the pace of globalisation, technology change and increasing regulation – and the pressure they are under to respond to these changes rapidly and efficiently.

What We Do

We work on some of the largest transformation programmes in the corporate world and the public sector. Partnering closely with our clients, we help them deliver successful business change. Our reputation as a consultancy is built on excellence in portfolio and programme management, business architecture and design, testing and quality assurance and implementation.


Understanding the challenges that keep our clients awake at night is essential. In this section we demonstrate our expertise at solving your problems. We have deep insight into the business and technology issues facing all sectors.

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Being able to see the obstacles facing your organisation is one thing. Being able to navigate those challenges and work through an effective solution is another.

Success Stories

We’ve worked with clients across a range of sectors and gained excellent results – but don’t just take our word for it. Have a browse through some of the work we’ve done.

P2 Scaling Agile: The four stages of 'failing-scaling' for organisations adopting Agile

The benefits of agile are as well-known as the challenges of successfully adopting an agile approach. P2 Scaling Agile has developed the Four Stages of Failing Scaling model to help you identify the main obstacles you’ll face on this journey and solutions to help you overcome these.

P2 Scaling Agile – delivering pragmatic support and advice on your Scaled Agile journey.

From understanding which stage of the Failing-Scaling model an organisation is, P2 Scaling Agile can develop an approach to help the organisation successfully continue its scaled agile journey.

Agile in Name Only → Scaled Agile Framework® Transformation & Implementation

Scaled Dev Failed OP → DevOps Coaching & Implementation

The Empty Hopper → Lean Portfolio Management

Transformational not organisational agility → Organisational Adaptive Delivery

What we do
P2 Scaling Agile

P2 Director of Consulting Adam Skinner introduces P2 Scaling Agile – designed to guide you and your business through the challenges of scaled agile® and dev-ops implementation.


Discover the
P2 Lean-Agile PMO

Working with our clients at various levels of agile transformation, P2 has reimagined the framework for PMO in an agile environment, creating our lean-agile PMO model. This approach drives efficiency and customer-centricity across your whole organisation – to find out how, take a look here:

P2 Scaling Agile – Organisational Transformation

Mapping the value flow through your organisation

The most critical aspect of the adaptive organisation is how value flows from strategy – through the organisation – to the customer. Most failures to deliver continuous improvement can be diagnosed by understanding where the flow of value pools. Through this diagnosis, P2 Scaling Agile ascertains where agile is failing at your organisation and the solution needed to unblock the flow and support the ongoing agile journey.

Our Idea-to-Value model identifies 12 Key Agile Chukras – key points mapped to the organisation to identify where the flow of value can stall. We use our questionnaire to work with organisations to understand the flow, potential blockages and the interventions that will move them forwards.

If you would like to talk through the model – or take the questionnaire – get in touch.

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"Pioneer is a complex programme involving the building of new systems capability and integrating that with our legacy platform. We are also combining a traditional waterfall development approach with agile. P2 Consulting have put in place a highly effective programme management environment which means that the senior team always have full visibility and control. The P2 Consultants have proved themselves to be very reliable and effective throughout and have enabled us to make great progress”
Head of Merchandising Strategy
John Lewis
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Test Management
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Programme Planning
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Programme Assurance
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Design & Mobilisation
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Go-Live Management
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Programme Delivery
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