PM Outsourcing

PM Outsourcing

    The Business Challenge:

  • A leading property management organisation wished to improve its project management capability as the environment within which it operated became ever more complex and more challenging
  • It was recognised that if the organisation failed to address this point (and engage external support to drive up this capability) that its ability to meet current and future contractual commitments would be severely impacted, having a direct impact on its growth projections.
    How We Helped:

  • The P2 Consulting team established a company-wide initiative to improve the overall Project and Programme Management capability, instilling strong disciplines to ensure projects were designed, mobilised and managed consistently, effectively and efficiently
  • Further, we were engaged to provide additional project management capacity to complement the internal team and to take accountability for delivery of critical projects across their customer base.
    The Results

  • Following an intensive skills transfer Programme, the enhanced levels of project and programme management capability has enabled the organisation to expand its client commitments and deliver on its growth projections.
  • This has also been enabled by the creation of a flexible & cost-effective resource pool that is used to manage peaks in demand.

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