IT Transformation

IT Transformation

    The Business Challenge:

  • A major high street retailer had an IT operation that comprised multiple 3rd party suppliers, each delivering a complex suite of technologies that were fundamental  to both in-store and on-line sales
  • The interdependency between suppliers was critical to maintaining the integrity of end-to-end fulfilment, but relationships were strained and IT delivery was severely compromised, resulting in back office functions failing to meet SLAs with substantial financial impact.
    How We Helped:

  • P2 Consulting designed and executed a suite of changes to ensure that supplier relationships did not become a hotbed of claims and counter claims
  • We deployed a senior team of experienced consultants to lead on the engagement, each being accountable for supplier performance … designing and implementing improvements that took away operational risk and addressed staff frustrations
    The Results

  • Supplier statistics for incident volumes were substantially reduced, SLAs were restored and Customer Satisfaction was substantially improved across all measures.
  • Enhanced risk management procedures were also implemented, making all parties ‘look ahead’ and work together as well as fighting the day-to-day operational fires

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