In response to the business world’s demand for more speed, certainty and value in big transformational change projects, P2 has developed an approach comprising the best aspects from traditional project management and ‘waterfall’ methodologies (predictability and stability) and combined them with the most successful elements of an ‘agile’ approach (high velocity and early delivery of benefits).

P2 has trialled P2 Adaptive Delivery® at a number of blue chip clients, who have reported an improved return on investment (ROI) for their projects, a reduction of the total cost of delivery, improved delivery performance and less disruption to business as usual (BAU).

P2 Adaptive Delivery® has also helped to speed up the release cycle of new products and services and improved stakeholder confidence in projects being delivered on time and to budget.

Pip Peel, CEO of P2 Consulting said: “Organisations are operating in increasingly complex environments – banks dealing with increasing regulation, retailers coping with how the internet has changed business models – but they still need transformation projects delivered quickly, cost effectively, with predictable outcomes.

“That has been the foundation stone for our delivery model. Our experience tells us that exclusively waterfall or Agile approaches don’t work at scale. We want to strike a balance between the predictability and stability of traditional delivery, and the pace and cultural benefits associated with Agile, so have taken elements of both to create a best in class framework. For big scale transformation projects – and organisations that need results faster, more predictably and with a better ROI – it is the way forward.”