• Phil Rolfe

    Phil’s objective is to provide the expert hand financial institutions need to navigate the complex and ever-evolving landscape of financial regulation and provide certainty to them that their business is compliant and secure. Phil is passionate about readying and supporting clients in the face of pressing challenges, equipping them with innovative solutions for responding to threats, remediating current difficulties, and optimising their systems.

  • Archie Mundegar

    A self-declared 80s music aficionado, Archie knows that the fundamental secret to chart-topping success in any major organisational transformation is great people who are motivated and empowered to deliver great things. Archie looks to embed the connections between delivery teams, leadership and broader organisational goals, so that everyone works collaboratively towards the same positive outcomes.

  • Jane Caddick

    Jane’s philosophy is to always be honest and straightforward. She commits to operating with moral courage, providing the fearless advice required by her clients to ensure their aspirations are realised. An intrepid equestrian in her spare time, Jane applies her judgement and experience to take calculated and well-grounded risks to successfully drive the right outcomes.

  • Al Vetch

    Alastair is passionate about shaping and delivering change with a hands-on and pragmatic approach. A keen rugby coach and player, he applies the same team-oriented mentality to his clients – working alongside them to develop sustainable and practical solutions, in a way that consistently upholds social justice and ethical practices.

  • Pip Peel

    Pip has over 30 years’ International Project & Programme Management consulting experience and has worked with blue-chip clients around the World.

  • Doug Elliott

    Douglas is not content with doing what everyone else is doing; he seeks fresh and pragmatic solutions that will change the way we think about achieving transformational change. Douglas’ philosophy is that client success is our best performance measure, and he strives to unlock the full potential of every P2 employee to support this.

  • Andrew Iddon

    A dedicated restorer of heritage sites, Andrew understands what it takes to build the foundations of a high-quality and sustainable PPM practice – a team of passionate programme and project managers, a focus on client-centric solutions, and an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing.

  • Gordon McIntosh

    As a keen cyclist of the Scottish hills, Gordon knows that a successful peloton requires each individual to deliver to their potential and for the team to work collaboratively as a whole towards achieving a shared goal. Gordon’s aim is to enable talent and harness individual capability to establish high-functioning well-rounded PPM teams, so that client aspirations rapidly become a reality.

  • Richard Angiolini

    Alongside supporting Man. United and cooking up a culinary storm, Richard is passionate about talent management – identifying the best and brightest minds in PPM and supporting their individual career paths within P2. Richard is committed to ensuring P2 provides the very best and experienced consultants to clients, to ensure our services achieve the intended outcomes and deliver value

  • Hetal Panchal

    Hetal advocates that finance should act as the enabler to the business: to identify emerging issues, drive good decision-making and realise potential benefits. A passionate Arsenal supporter, Hetal strives to positively unite the individual strengths of the P2 team to form a proactive and focused collective, working towards a shared end-goal.

  • Michael Tolk

    Michael has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to build and manage top performing business teams that effectively deliver enterprise-wide Business and IT initiatives. He is a high-level strategist and ‘big picture’ thinker who looks to mentor teams to continue to drive industry thinking and address our client’s ever-changing business needs.

  • Valeri Ward

    Valeri knows what it takes to successfully drive large-scale business and IT programme delivery. With a proven talent for thinking “outside the box”, Valeri is focused on conceptualising new solutions that drive productivity and leverage new methodologies, to successfully transform operational processes.

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