The Business Challenge:

  • Our client targeted a stock market floatation within 12-18 months, but with a lack of deep IPO experience and knowledge there was a requirement to engage with (and coordinate) a large number of external advisors
  • As a result, it was imperative that a robust framework was established to facilitate the rapid mobilisation of the IPO programme, with a suite of pragmatic controls put in place to manage the myriad of advisors and ensure the tight deadlines were achieved.
    How We Helped:

  • P2 Consulting was engaged to define, mobilise and deliver the IPO, acting initially in an advisory capacity and then transitioning to a core role in the management of the end-to-end flotation programme
  • Our team implemented a suite of programme controls commensurate with the experience of the advisors and internal SMEs, also defining three floatation windows as contingency for a changing market and to accommodate changes in the programme’s direction.
    The Results

  • The business was floated on the stock market within 13 months, with no detrimental impact to the running of the business and being recognised in the press for the pace of its completion
  • The floatation successfully fulfilled the myriad of regulatory and competition requirements, with the programme successfully completed within budget.

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