Are you prepared for your Brexit Mocks?

Are you prepared for your Brexit Mocks?

Are you prepared for your Brexit Mocks?

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The first deadlines for U.K. Regulated firms are approaching as the PRA has requested a plan to be shared with them by mid July outlining each organisations approach to Brexit.

Whilst some of our children toil away in preparation for GCSE’s, A Levels and Scottish Leaving and Highers it seems timely to consider how are we getting on in preparation for our first Brexit mocks.

I suspect across the U.K. it will be a mirror of our junior selves with a diversity of styles and approaches:

  • The Swot who has been preparing ever since the syllabus was issues post vote and has a wall chart planner with all activity covered – let’s hope they don’t choke in the exam
  • The Slow Burner who has been working quietly but without much help and will pass the mocks without fanfare – but is likely to need a boost to get the best grades
  • The Last Minute Crammer who knows the date is approaching but has not quite got around to sitting down and actually producing anything
  • The Disengaged who is convinced they do not need to prepare as Brexit is not necessary for their future.


The good news is that these are just the Brexit Mocks and so our futures do not hinge on the plan that goes to the PRA in July. But as we will all recall, a failure to do well in our Mocks often leads to more scrutiny and pressure from our teachers. No one wants to be in the spotlight, lunchtime study clubs, extra home work, one-to-one time with the head of department and worst of all our parents being called in for “the talk”.

A note to my younger self about Mocks would be:

  1. Put a bit of effort in
  2. Do enough to demonstrate you have a good broad understanding
  3. Plan well for the real exams and ask for advise when you are stuck
  4. Then stand back and watch those that did not put in the time get a bit of “extra help” from the teachers.


At P2 we are very good at ensuring the right approach is taken to help organisations plan effectively without making mountains out of molehills. Our simple and compact program delivery frameworks will drive the right level of engagement and activity to ensure organisations are well prepared for the Brexit future.


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Best of luck with your upcoming Mocks.